I yanked the dead 350 out of a 2000 Escalade i bought. Put in a LM7 from a early to mid 2000's Chevy pickup. Long story short, i sent the part to a "friend" to have the weld fixed that he messed up. That was 3 months ago. So now i need to connect my fuel lines, the ones that come up the underside of the body and connect into the funky old stainless steel setup to some flex lines that plug into a truck intake on my LM7. Any one know where i can get a set like this? We had originally taken the stainless setup from the 350, cut it up, along with the flex lines from the LM7, and welded them together so all i had to do with plug and play. Any takers? I need this relatively soon, im located in the middle of New Hampshire. If anyone in the area had a TIG welder and some extra parts, i definitely don't mind taking out the Mustang to come to you with a few bucks or if anyone knows where i could find some.

Here's the inlet line and return line, no clue what this part is called, ive been looking for it for a while now.

And here are the flex fuel lines from a LM7 that i had the bracket above cut up and welded to:

Anyone know where i can get something like that? I know it's pretty rare, or maybe the 2002+ Escalades with LM7's already in them have something already made up?