I have a 2005 Escalade ESV. The seat positioning controls for both the driver's seat and the passenger's seat are not working; neither is the right-hand window controls. This would appear to be related to the circuits which have the underdash circuit breakers. I pulled both circuit breakers and they show to be closed (short) circuit. I probed the circuit-breaker block receptacle contacts and there is no 12V at either location. What is upstream from the
circuit-breaker block that should supply the 12V?

Added Note Update:
No response required. Found that the 50A MEB fuse in the underhood fuse block was
blown; everything works after replacing the 50A fuse but I am left to wonder what took
it out. Have not used the seat heaters so maybe they are suspect. Sad part of story; I just returned from a 1800 mile road trip and discovered that seats would not adjust
while on trip. Cadillac dealer refused to look for a blown fuse to replace without me
taking two hours from my roadtrip for a full diagnostic and repair estimate (I did not do).