I have a 2003 Escalade, a couple months ago the SUV began to drop in the rear when we would go over bumps. I would turn the car off & then back on & the compressor would lift the vehicle back up. Now the compressor will not lift it at all. I hooked the compressor up to an external source (portable charger) it worked and lifted the vehicle.; but the car won't say raised.

So I removed the air ride shocks and replaced them with regular shocks, but now the car sits very low in the rear & not level with the front.

Help! Do Non- air ride shocks work on these escaldes &/or does anyone know why the vehicle will not stay lifted? Is it the shocks, the compressor or something else all together? FYI (All Fuses OK).

I look forward to any responses; as I am working on the vehicle as we speak.

Thanks in advance.