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tell me what you think
rims = 24 inch
sub = fi btl 18
amp = 2100 watt hifonics brutus
box = made myself
radio = kenwood 6190 hd
also have installed a reverse camera
no wires showing either, just maybe in the trunk for the amp.

and what you didnt see is my 2400 kinetic battery and the 300 amp dc power alternator
You're enclosure is throwing me off... If that's a BTL, doesn't look the right size and the port looks off... Is it a D1 or D2 BTL and what impedance are you running that Hifonics at?

That Hifonics is meh. Overrated... I've seen them clamped and they struggle to put out the rated wattage and that's distorted wattage. Not trying to break your balls but you should put better power to that BTL. They can handle it. I assume you're looking for SPL?