My car is 2002 cadillac escalade .
I am asking anti-theft alarm system.
I add anothr GPS/GSM/GPRS/GIS anti-theft alarm system on my car with original remote keyless entry.
1、My questions is my mechanic tell me he need the obvious signal aoubt lateral lamp flash .
One flash on “Lock” and two flash on “unlock”
I know there is a center infomation system that i can change remote keyless system on it . I can setup up by three mode . “Horn, flash and none” , and i turn the system on “flash ” but there still cannot see obvious signal aoubt one and two lateral lamp flash .
2、how can i turn off the daytime running lamps, on the cis , i turn the headlamp off, but there still light, cam i turn it off,
Thank you
Best regard
Jimmy du