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I agree I switched to infinity speakers and it is like night and day difference I even yanked the stock sub.
P.s I am a audiophile and the Bose speakers suck I found them to be lacking a certain areas a little in the highs a lot in the midrange plus the sub sounded muddy
I am used to the older infinity home speakers with the emit ribbon tweeters and I can tell a difference (I am still using the stock radio and amp it ain't the source it is the speakers.
Bose is horrible... They actually cancel out frequencies if "they" think it's distortion. "They" being the bose amp processors...

I'm keeping the stock mids / highs for a bit because I'm adding 3,000 worth of subs first. Mids / highs later as well as an Alpine soulnd field processor.


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Just don't power a sub from the stock sub channels that can kill the stock amp I suggest using a self powered one and your welcome I am glad to help.
Yeah I agree with this... I got an audiocontrol LC2 for my subs... I'm adding two 18" Ascendant Audio Havoc subs powered off of two Soundstream DTR 3400 amps being fed by a 250AMP alternator and 2 Odyssey 1500 batteries.