Hey eveyrone, I just purchased my first EXT this past weekend and i have to say I'm Loving every minute i drive it! Best truck i've ever owned or driven.

Today i was driving along at about 45mph and out of no where the Dash BREAK LIGHT came on and the fast chime rang throughout the cabin. I immediately pulled the E brake release but there was no feedback (there was no tension and it was like pulling an open door handle). After pulling to the side I stepped on the Ebrake only to find that it went straight to the floor with very little if any resistance... almost like there was no cable attached.

I again pulled the ebrake release but nothing happened. I had to Manually move the ebrake pedal from the floor board to the ready position. I started the truck up and the warning light was off and no chime. I drove another 50 miles to work and had no other orccurance.

My question to the forum is... What do you think the problem is?

I'm not going to be able to get under the dash or under the truck till Saturday and it's bugging me. I already know that i have to get the ebrake looked at but i am wondering what the problem is... bad cable? bad ebrake pedal?

Thanks inadvance for any help!