About the first 25k on it I noticed from 2-3 some slippage shifting-high rev. Brought it in and the dealership, they mentioned the tranny fluid level was low and they didn't see any leaks. Once they filled it, it seemed to work fine. Right about when the warranty was up I brought it in again and sure enough levels was low, no leaks anywhere. Then again at 50k. Now with 100k on it, just this last weekend I saw blue smoke come from the back of the truck. Then it did it again twice on a way to a job today. I brought it in to the dealer right away and he said nothings leaking, but it coming from the overflow valve and your level was low in the tranny. gauges are all fine, no slippage to note about even when pulling my boat.

After searching a bit, some people mentioned tranny fluid leaking into the transfer case. Wouldn't a simple check of the transfer case fluid level let the dealer know the seal between the 2 is bad?

Some questions I have are:
  1. What's causing the transmission to blow out the overflow valve all of a sudden?
  2. When I get a chance I'll check fluid level in transfer case, but would this have any affect on transmission over heating?
  3. Could be clogged cooling line?
  4. Nothing leaks not a drop, yet the fluid levels are low about every 20k.