Damn you Cadi. It seems like one thing after another with you lately.

So this morning here in CO it was -5 degrees and my truck was left outside at my girls house. Well we are getting ready to leave and I had my truck remote started for about 10-15 min. I get in the truck expecting it too be nice and warm and defrosted. WTF NO HEAT!

I finally get home and check all the fuses, every thing all good.
Dang it's like -1 out now (no heat in the garage). Started taking the under side of the passenger dash apart. Check the motor, good. Check the power going to the blower control module, good. I found the problem the blower control module. Just my luck for it too go out on negative degree day in CO.

Well I got the part in took about 10 mins. Time to drink

Pointless thread I just to get it out my system.