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I depends if you hear the buzz when you first start driving. I would hear several buzzes and the light would come on. I was told many thing and it came down to replacing a $13 dollar switch the goes on the ECBM under the drivers seat. be very careful when tightening the switch though. I learned the hard way that over tightening the switch with a socket wrench broke the front part of the switch in the housing and it was a job getting it out. I ended up using just the socket and a mirror to see when it was just snugged up to the housing. hope that helps

Hey can you tell me the many problems they told you it was because i have that same buzzing noise that has been like that for awhile now and i want to get it fixed. I have no ABS light just the SSS light. I have been looking into it on the forum for the last hour and i have found it could be three different sensors or maybe two just one with kind of the same name here are the three. 1. Wheel Speed Sensor. 2. Steering Speed Sensor. 3. Steering Wheel Speed Sensor. You also said a swith on the EBCM. I have heard the EBCM and i have read of people just disconnecting the EBCM to get rid of the lights. I myself want to figuure out what it is then go from there if its something fairly easy and cheap to fix im going to. If its a 2000 part or something crazy like that then i will try to deal with it but if someone could read this and help me it would be appreciated. Im going to keep looking myself on the forum to figure out exactly what it is if i can. It is an Escalade and i want to fix the problem if i can. Thank You