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Thread: Anyone have an iPod in their Escalade? and 'Hi'

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    Jun 2004

    Talking Anyone have an iPod in their Escalade? and 'Hi'

    Hey, I'm new here. I actually stumbled across this page while looking for XLR info! I want a black one to match my Escalade

    Anyway, I want to say hi. I'm 20, male, and I live in San Jose, CA. Lots of Escalades around the Bay these days!! Mine's a 2002 regular Escalade (as in not EXT) and it's black with beige interior. I got it used from a GM dealership with about 12,000 miles on it. I'm now at 29,7 or so and am looking to get my 30,000 mile tune-up. Do you guys think I should take it to a dealer for that or is my regular guy good?

    Also I want to get it detailed since its a bit dirty and has been sitting in the sun for a year. I know I know, a shame..But it wouldn't fit in my garage even if it wasn't full of junk! I just read a thread about how dealers do shotty wash jobs, so i guess I won't go to the dealer for that! I'll look around here.

    My Escalade's all stock except for Muth signal mirrors with the brake module as well, and I have a chrome cadillac logo tow-hitch cover with chrome Escalade license plates holders. I love chrome!! I want to upgrade the rims, and get a bit of a beefier sound system. I'm debating a few other things like tinting the back windows more and the front ones a little bit, and some other ideas I toss around. But I kind of want to do it all at once, which is why I've been holding off. I also am planning to get a different headunit, possibly a dvd monitor, but I'm waiting for Alpine to release their upcoming iPod headunit. Which brings me to my next question...

    Any Escalade owners here have any nice iPod installs?? I'm a huge Escalade fan, and a big iPod fan! The two go well I find. I have the Griffin iTrip and it works great when I'm not in downtown Oakland, Berkeley, or San Francisco. However on the hgihways and down here, it's great! (for those who don't know, it broadcasts my iPod music on an unused radio station - in the big cities all of them are used though) Since I have a nice plastic case on my iPod I can't use any mounts so I just plop it in the cupholder, or it fits perfectly in the change tray if I don't put my cellphone there. But I'd love to hear any installs, or if anyone else has iPods I'd love to hear about your Caddy - and your iPod!! Also I found a cool company that does iPod colorization, I'm thinking of getting mine painted black to match my Escalade! (

    Well, glad to be here, I'll post pics of my baby (The Beast) when I get a chance. This is my first Cadillac and I am absolutely adore it. I know it will be one of many and it has started a love affliction for the whole line of cars!

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    Re: Anyone have an iPod in their Escalade? and 'Hi'

    yeah i was tryin to figure out a nice clean way to install my ipod. there arent too many places within reach to mount or install it. anyone have pics or ideas on this.

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    Jun 2003

    Re: Anyone have an iPod in their Escalade? and 'Hi'

    Since i have an aftermarket head unit (pioneer 6500) , i plan on installing it via a RCA input into the switching system. As far as location i am thinking in the pocket thats in the middle of the dash next to the clock.



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