I got 2 extra 24" Giovanna Abruzzo rims for sale. These fit a 2003 AWD Escalade lug pattern and are brand new(no tires, have not been mounted, still packaged). I already had 24 Abruzzos on my truck and had to replace one scraped up rim, but was forced to buy a brand new set of 4 online because I would have had to wait 2-3 weeks for just 1 rim from Giovanna's northeast dirstributor(via special order). Anyway, I put one on my truck and am keeping another one as a backup spare tire, but I want to sell the other two that I do not need. Trust me, it's good to have at least one spare rim in case you damage one. All these online sites won't sell them in quantities less than 4, unless you place a special order that usually takes 2-3 weeks to fulfill. I can sell one or both of them for $975 each(includes shipping).