Anyone interested in 2 new chrome license plates with Escalade font? I got one with a notched top that says Escalade(2 holes on the bottom) and one with a notched bottom that says Escalade(2 holes at the top). They are brand new and haven't been used. You can see the same exact ones I have at They sell for $29.95 at that site, but i can give them to anyone for $20 a piece plus $6 shipping and handling. I also got Cadillac chrome license plate screws and caps(example at ) They sell for $16.95 at that site, but I can give you a brand new set for just $12 plus $5 shipping and handling. If you want to buy the 2 plate holders and the logo screw caps, than I can give you the entire package for $60(shipping and handling included). You can pay me thru paypal or via money order. Just reply to this post, if interested.