I know this sounds crazy but I really want a white diamond. I have a 02 black EXT in absolutly mint conditon with only 14,900 miles on it, and a custom exhaust. I wanted a white diamond one but I got such a good deal on this black one that I had to get it. I'm willing to trade and lose the exhaust as well as the super low miles for anyone with an 02 White Diamond with 25,000 miles or less. So if anyone wants a blk ext or just wants lower miles here is your chance. Your truck must be in mint condition, as mine is. I will pay any fees associated with the transaction through the DMV. Swap cars and get that new car fealing back, as well as a bad A$$ exhaust and lower miles! I dont drive my EXT much so miles arent that much of an issue for me. Anyone interested send me an
e-mail silverlex@comcast.net