In developing a program to better analyze the pool of available ELRs, I've found that the options are coded into the VIN.

Note1: the use of an extra-cost exterior paint is not indicated in the option code.
Note2: these have not been verified by Cadillac, but I have identified them based on looking at a number of dealer sites which will display window stickers of cars they are selling

The first 4 characters of the vin are always 1G6R. The 5th character indicates the factory options:

L base, no options

M Luxury package only

N Kona Brown interior only

P Luxury + Kona

R Luxury + Adaptive Cruise

S Luxury + Kona + Cruise

The Saks (White) editions are option code R. Cadillac did not give then a unique option code (For shame, for shame. That would make it easy to counterfeit a Saks should they ever be worth doing so.)

At the moment, there are 867 ELRs on lowest vin = 00004, highest = 01409