Ok all here we go.

I took my 2001 DTS Deville in for repair for hail damage, and they replaced the hood, trunk lid, etc.

They put a new hood and trunk lid and also had to do paintless repair on the doors.

My point I am trying to get at is they had to disconnect the electric to the hood, trunk lid and door panels to fix everything.

Now I have a car that will not run.

The battery drains evrey 3 hours, and they are saying it has a parasitic drain because of the IPC module.????

How could the car be fine, and then when I get it back three weeks later from them, now all of a sudden this is happening?

When I took it in it was fine, now this.

They are saying that the drain occurs after the car shuts off, and then the IPC module kicks on and drains the battery.

Help, sounds like they want another $1K out ofme, they already got $5K for the autobody repairs.

Could they have not replaced things correctly causing the draw?