I assumed that my car had a defect because it would never set the seat to the exit position. I just figured out that this was my bad. I have owned 7 Cadillacs since 97 and I never had any problems with settings. My ritual was always to drive home, get the book, look up the one thing that was never all that obvious to me (how to synchronize the garage door openerinterface), do it and put the book away neatly so it would look good at trade in time.

The 2006 DTS had a set of buttons with up and down arrows. when I pushed them I saw that it ran up and down thru the display of functions. Therefore it looked like a redundant way to toggle thru readings. That didn't make much sense but I figured "whatever". Now, with the first 6 Cadillacs and might I mention 2 Corvettes, I never had to use the owners manual to do any personalization since this interface was somewhat intutive.

When I toggled to the seat exit function it says press (check symbol) to change. Now I know that it actually means 1. Hit check symbol 2. Use up/down arrow buttons to change 3. Hit check symbol again to lock new setting.

When you read what the computer output says it leads you to believe that all you have to do is hit the check symbol to change the setting. This is one of those things that would be viewed as well done by someone who plays with these settings every day and would therefore never forget the silly sequence and who would disregard what the display says.

For the very occasional user, it isn't an intutive interface. Funny that the ACC and NAV are more intuitive than the basic personalization feature since I never had to go to the book for them.