I love my NAV system. I really would appreciate it if I could get rid of the politically correct warning that I have to clear on start up and if I could enter destinations while moving.

Fortunately, the worst data base issues I have occur within 2 miles of my house. As I drive out of my subdivision the road splits and straddles a lake. Traffic is one way on each side of the lake. Apparently the north bound lane on one side of the lake is a bit shorter than the southbound lane on the other side of the lake. When I am south bound the NAV system always tells me to bear left. Doing so would put me going the wrong way on a one lane road.

That's no problem because I know better than to do that since I live right here.

In addition, when I have a destination that is south or east of my house the NAV unit wants to direct me through a subdivision that has idiot gates on it and the public can't go thru. Again, I knew that because I live here.

Initially I anticipated many problems like this in areas where I wouldn't know the difference until I had a head on or needed to get out the wrench and loosen the one hinge linkage bolt that most of these gates use.

Does anybody know where we report data base errors? And, is there any way to get into the application at least enough to off the idiot message and beat the moving interlock?

I know this is trivial but what's wrong with seeking perfection?