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Thread: Onset of myriad of warnings 2006 DTS Performance edition

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    Onset of myriad of warnings 2006 DTS Performance edition

    I have a 2006 DTS Performance that has recently started flashing warnings including "Service Brake Assist", "Service Traction Control" 'Service Power Steering" with consistent annoying beeping. Car operates fine.

    However, periodically the car will not start. When turn ignition, all lights come on but engine does not turn over (nothing). If I go to back of car and roll forward, and then try the ignition again, the car will start! I replaced the front wheel hub/speed sensors. This did not correct problem. Last night I put the car in park for several minutes while the car was running, when tried to shift to Drive the shifter would not move, finally after several efforts I was able to shift to Drive. Lastly, the radio will not shut off when car turned off and open door, unless I open and shut door several times! Getting tired of this.....related to single issue? All seemed to come on at once.

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    Given the many problems and many computers in our beloved DTC, have you tried a re-boot? Remove the rear seat, remove positive and negative leads from the battery, then touch them together for about 10 seconds. Then clean the connection from the ground to the battery. You may lose some of your memory settings, but it could solve these problems.

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    Re: Onset of myriad of warnings 2006 Cadillac DTS Performance edition

    There is a way to REBOOT all of the electronic modules in the entire car.
    Sometimes (lots of times) that will fix random electrical gremlins.

    Remove BOTH battery cables... negative cable FIRST...
    Touch both cables together for 5 seconds or so, making sure they have good contact with each other.
    This will drain all the capacitors in the system.

    While you have the cables off... undo the one bolted to the floor.
    Take a little piece of sandpaper and sand the paint away from the attachment point.
    It will then have a better ground.

    Re-attach the battery cables... negative cable LAST...
    You will have to do the window EXPRESS UP learn again and you MAY have to do the memory seat settings again.
    Sometimes they will forget the seat settings and sometimes they don't.

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    Re: Onset of myriad of warnings 2006 Cadillac DTS Performance edition

    I had a similar issue, DIC messages, annoying beeping, intermittent engine start. Ended up being the body control module. Was about $250 fix, $150 for the BCM, and $100 to get it programmed. Try going to a small shop, rather than a dealer.


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