Hello, folks!

I hope everyone's enjoying the Holiday Season!!

It's been a little while, but I need to seek some input (you folks are always so very helpful and knowledgeable)!

My '09 DTS has a weird glitch with the passenger side-view mirror. All of a sudden, it refuses to stay in the proper memory position! I haven't changed my memory settings, and I'm the only driver of the car (so I exclusively use the #1 key fob), and I have the reverse tilt-down feature turned off. It likes to rotate almost all the way towards the car, as well as a little bit downward. It seems prevalent as the weather turns cold (I live in Chicago). Also, the touch-free car washes seem to aggravate the problem (only in winter). If I reset it to the correct position and reprogram my #1 memory position, it'll just return to the incorrect position as soon as I restart my car again!

Those who may have seen some of my previous posts know I've had EXTREMELY bad luck with the local Cadillac service departments (my car always comes back in worse shape than when I took it in). Anyway, in the past, when this problem occurred, they remedied it by "reprogramming" the mirror.

As such, my question is this: can us mere mortals perform this reprogramming step (so I don't have to deal with Cadillac service ... if at all possible)? If so, how can it be done??

Please let me know your thoughts!

As always, you folks are the best, and have a great day!