I'm with you, Ron. There is plenty of grunt when you need it even if it does get delivered through the front wheels. That also has the benefit for those of us living north of Interstate 10 that you have weight over the driving wheels in snow. As for the shape - it signals a big box full of a great V8, a huge box full of comfortably seated happy people, and a big box full of lotsa luggage. You can keep the bar-of-soap shape of the XTS (at least, that's what my thoughts are at the moment).

As for wallowing: only when you take a tight turn too fast. Normal turns should be handled in a dignified manner as befits a Cadillac, anyway!

These cars aren't found on dealers' lots because as soon as they are turned in they're sold, and like reedmtn said, happy owners know they've got a classic worth hanging on to. I will, for sure.