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yes, I did this a few weeks ago on my 2007. I bought mine from the website below. They have a lot of tech info and a bulb finder by vehicle. I also did the trunk light and the door courtesy lights. You can find other posts on how to do the door lights. It's a little tricky. The license bulb holders have some reinforcing ribs inside. I had to grind mine out with a dremel tool. Not a big deal. They work great, but next time, I may get a slightly brighter bulb. I bought the $5.95 bulbs. Going up a buck or two gets you more selection on output. But the pure white color is way cool. http://www.superbrightleds.com/
Thanks tightwad. I just replaced my license plate bulbs with LEDs and I took your advice on the using the Dremel tool, worked perfectly. Now I'm working on the door courtesy step light bulbs. I might of broke the cover on my driver-side door, so I will have to figure out the correct way to switch-out the door courtesy step light bulbs.