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Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:
1985-1992 Fleetwood, 1993 Sixty Special, All FWD Forum Discussion, Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know... in Past Cadillac Vehicle Discussion; I had an 89 Sixty Special, triple dark blue, bought at 80K miles, slapped on another 80K miles over 5 ...
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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I had an 89 Sixty Special, triple dark blue, bought at 80K miles, slapped on another 80K miles over 5 years (including one cross-country trip) and never had a problem. Only sold it cause I had finally finished school and wanted something new for once.

    Also had a 2003 DHS, bronzemist over shale. Also a wonderful car with not a peep in the 3 years I had it. I love my Caddys!!!!!!


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    Chatham, Ont., Canada

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I have to recant on my former post regarding the appearance of the 2000-05 deVilles as I now like the look. I now find it to be very elegant and those quad exhaust outlets look badass. My 1990 deVille has now sort of been relegated to parts car status with the purchase of my 1991 SDV. The 1991 is dark blue on dark blue leather SO much nicer and easier to keep clean looking. My 1990 white leather always looked dirty (especially the stitching) no matter how much I scrubbed. And while the 4.5L was quick, the 4.9 has downright aggressive torque making the car feel much more authoritative. Even though the 91 has over 200 000 miles on it, it idles perfectly with only a slight lope at idle, enough to let you know there is a burly V8 under the hood. Under acceleration there is no cabin vibration, only the slightest vibration in the steering wheel. My 90 feels rougher, and its engine has a bit of an oil leak. The ride in the 91 is sublime, feeling much like my dad's Town Car although it has way more sway and bounce over the road than my 90. The 90 has a much more rigid ride (though still supple and absorbant) and zero nosedive under hard braking, onramps are a treat. Anybody know if the suspension was changed THAT MUCH between 90 and 91? The 4.9 sounds way better and cleaner when you rev it, and it doesn't have that nasty bearing knock when you fire it up cold like my 90's 4.5 has, despite having 30000 more miles. Overall, the 91 feels way smoother and more refined than the 90. I like how the steering in the 91 doesn't bog down the engine when you turn the wheel while stopped, the 90 groans and vibrates. When you turn the key in my 91, you don't feel the starter crank the engine at all, whereas in my 1990 you can slightly feel it. The electric locks on the 91 have a much smoother sound than the loud THUNK the locks make in my 90. Either Cadillac made major revisions to the car when the 1990 Town Car came out or my 91 was better taken care of than my 90. Oh and you shouldn't be worried about mileage when buying a Caddy, they will run to 300k miles and beyond if they are taken care of. I bought a 1990 Fleetwood ($450) for parts for my 1990 and it had 280 000 miles miles on it and it ran and drove perfectly! The only reason I didn't keep it was because I needed a front fender and hood and my 90 had less miles on it. I wish I had kept the Fleetwood now that I know how long these cars will last! Note: I still hate the styling of the 94-96 deVilles. And 85-88 deVilles still suck.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I have a CTS-V and I'm dismayed that I didn't get a 335i. GM's interior build quality sucks. Sick of rattles.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Quote Originally Posted by TLeTourneau View Post
    Hello all,

    I picked up a Crimson Pearl 03 DeVille about a month ago with 75K on the clock, what a Gorgeous color. This is my third Caddy and I have loved them all (yep, even the old diesel Fleetwood). It's a great car everything I have come to expact from GM's luxury division (SAAB doesn't count ).

    Mine is crimson pearl too. it's definately the best stock color.

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    Black Hills, SD

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I purchased my first cad in 9th grade. Not knowing a whole lot the time, I quickly learned how bad the 4100V8 could be. It was a beautiful 82 Seville with 80K on it but sold it quickly with a bad taste in my mouth for Cadillacs. Fast forward six years to 98 when a 91 SDV caught my eye...much better experience this time. Put 50k on it and sold it to a cousin with is still going strong with only new fuel injectors and over 200k. I then purchased a 93 SDV in Dk Slate Gray/Red leather with 43k on it. I am still driving it and currently have 57k on it. Then purchased a 91 SDV in light antelope that was just like new...had 70k on it, but you'd have never known. Should have kept it, but had an offer for it that I couldn't refuse. My latest purchase is a 91 Fleetwood in the same color as my 93 with 60k on it...not sure what to do from here??? Keep both...sell one? Either way...I will always be a fan! Hope to graduate to 93 Ultra at some point, but will continue enjoying what I have!!!

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    neturn is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Cadillac 1999 STS
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    Jun 2007
    Christchurch , New Zealand

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I bought a second-hand 1999 STS Deville which had been imported into New Zealand from an Embassy in Japan.

    Cadillac is not a common car here in New Zealand - there are very few of them and there is no dealership as such, although GM do have other cars here. So my car is listed as an "exotic"

    Bearing in mind that I sold a Mercedes to buy a BMW which gave me nothing but trouble and then sold my BMW to buy the Cadillac, I was taking a risk. But I am delighted with it.

    My only problem is getting information about it. I wrote to GM several times asking for assistance but I was totally ignored. Thank goodness for the internet and this forum.

    The car is a real head-turner. It has a low mileage (around 18000 miles) and is in mint condition. I even managed to get the DIC changed from Japanese to English, although initially they changed it to US English, but now it is reading in English with metric information such as temperature etc.

    It's a bit of a learning curve - the manual pretty much sucks. However the car is pretty complex and for me it has been a matter of trial and error. Even with the manual, setting the memory for the radio was a bit of an effort.

    Interestingly, although my BMW was a 2 liter, this car is less expensive to run, even though it is more than twice the literage.

    My only gripe is that so few dealers will send parts to New Zealand and so I am off to the US in one week to buy lots of little bits n bobs for the car, such a a small rubber grommet which is broken.

    Apart from that, this car is superb and is easily the best I have owned.

    Cars Owned: Mercedes SLK, BMW 280i, Lexus, Ford Fairlane Ghia (worst car I ever owned) Honda Legend, Honda Accord, Hond Prelude.

    Best car I ever owned? THIS ONE!

    Worst backup from manufacturer? Again, THIS ONE. But the Holden dealer (GM) here has been very helpful.

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    Destroyer Guest

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    My experience with my '98 Deville was awful. IMO the Northstar is the Cadillacs fall from grace as was the 4.1 before it. Cadillac needs to start using corporate Chevrolet engines again. Would a Deville, STS, DTS or whatever with a 303hp 5.3 Chevy motor have been a bad car?. I think not.

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    Sep 2006
    West Hartford, CT

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Got my 1995 Fleetwood Brougham in May of 2006 with about 91,242 miles on it from a Texas owner who kept it in showroom condition.
    Since then I've been wowed at how this barge has proven to be extremely fast, capable and surprisingly fuel-thrifty for its size.
    It doesn't even know it has our PopUp RV on the trailer hitch when we tow (and this car isn't equipped with the V4P towing package, either).
    The only major repair has been to the right rear window mechanism which let the window drop all the way down when I lowered it just a bit and those damn el cheapo plastic runners split apart in the channels.
    What a helluva job to fix.
    To aid in towing, I had a Carolina Performance Transmissions Stage II HydraMatic 4L60E unit plus high-stall torque converter installed and it makes a great difference off the line in acceleration both towing and when getting on to freeways from short entrance ramps.
    As a highway cruiser, there are none better. She's totally effortless and comfortable, even when the road gets a bit twisty which is surprising considering the weight of this big girl.
    I say this having had a bit of experience as a "road warrior" with good and not-so-good company cars; from full-size, V-8, Plymouth Fury IIs of the late 1960s to Ford Torinos of the mid 1970s (personal business mileage ~1mil) and owning Mercedes, Mercury, Buick, Plymouth, Chrysler, AMC, Dodge, Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet personally.
    Overall, Cadillac is losing high-end customers, in my not so humble opinion, by abandoning the full-frame barge such as this since this big, Dark Adriatic Blue FWB still elicits awestruck stares from just about everybody standing beside the road as it rolls by. Almost nobody believes she's a twelve-year-old. And at the campgrounds, she always draws a crowd.

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    Aug 2004

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I have had my 99 Deville for 7 years now . Nice powerfull, comfortable ride . Great looking car , but under engineered and poor quality for a 50 thousand dollar car . Far to many expensive problems . Thats why they depreciate so fast , once the warrenty is gone no one wants them . You can buy a year old one for less then half the new price . That speaks volumes about the car , but G M doesen't care , and thats why Toyota is now number 1 !!!
    My next car will be a Lexus , I have had a 96 Toyota SUV since new and only had to replace brakes and tires . Thats the quality I want .

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    Aug 2007

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I got two cadillacs. A 92 and a 95. The 92 is the best front wheel drive car I've ever driven I used to make super aggressive high speed turns to where the back slides out a little bit and you can still control it excellent handling. The 95 is faster, and thats about it. The handling is waay less better then the 92 in my opinion and I had to get used to the 95 because brakes suck. The Northstar seems like its a very expensive high tech machinary that was designed by the best engineers but it seems like it was rushed, and it seems like they made a very good engine thrown together with cheaper parts to increase profit.

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    Jul 2004

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    My personal driver is now a 2000 DeVille. Picked it up with 100K for $5800. Runs great, looks better...but the vibration issue over 65mph is something GM should hang their head in shame about.

    Have to clear the SES P0420 and get the center mounted LED brake light fixed...but other than that an OK ride so far.

    1990 Seville with the 4.9 liter - indestructible, reliable.
    1986 FWD Fleetwood - Milkshake Motor need I say more.
    1981 Seville Elegante Diesel - slow but reliable once they replaced the engine with a new factory one.

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    grgrose is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 94 Deville
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    Jan 2007

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I have a 94 Deville that I saved from the bone yard last Christmas. The car had 111000 miles on it when I brought it home. Over the pasy year I have invested around $1500 dollars in it to bring it back to a reliable state. Most of that is due to being a northern car and neglect. All of the transmission lines and brake lines had to replaced to rot. The car is no doubt a land yacht! It is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. I logged 1500 miles on it going on vacation last year and I am truly surpirised at the fuel economy. Fo a long road trip, I am convinced this is the only way to go!.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I Love my 99 deville its the best

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    jasper60103 is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Apr 2007

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Its great to hear all the positive testimonies.
    This is my first caddy.
    I purchased my 04 base Deville in Mar 07.
    It was a single owner, lease return with ~25,500 miles.
    I put on about another 7k miles since then.
    No problems at all aside from initial defects I discovered
    right after I took delivery.
    Air pump replaced, windnoise from rear quarter window (replaced)
    and noisey Blower motor (replaced).
    All covered under warranty.
    The dealer also replaced front brakes and rotors
    under their good will policy.

    I truely enjoy driving this car. The engine and trans
    produce a ride as smooth as silk. I sometimes prefer just to
    turn off the radio and listen to it pur down the road.

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    Bradscaddi is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    May 2007
    Swartz Creek, MI

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I'm happy with my 95 deville and have had only minor problems with it fuses, power antenna, and i still haven't fixed my A/C. I love it, its big and luxurious. The thing i don't like is I like to go fast and I can do that with my 4.9L the acceleration is great, a little iffy on the road over 100. The body roll on it is terrible it's hard to stay on the road if it is windy. It was a pain to put in my new pioneer stereo because no one makes a kit (I rigged one for a 95 Seville, it works) and I had to run all the wires to the trunk. Personally I'm glad I didn't buy it when my step mom did because for a car with only 40,000 miles on it she had a lot of stuff go wrong, the biggest being the fuel injectors died, some chip on the engine fried, and all the stock wheels became warped so now there are cheap ones on there with hub caps. Then just a few days ago my dad took it to work (he's getting a new engine in his 04 Silverado) and he spun out on an icy exit ramp hit the curb on "a sharp pointy thing" and got me a flat tire, then the spare went flat on him. LOL, AAA is a great thing. Like I said I love the car, just glad I got it after all the big problems. 111,400 miles and running strong.

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