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Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:
1985-1992 Fleetwood, 1993 Sixty Special, All FWD Forum Discussion, Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know... in Past Cadillac Vehicle Discussion; My 97 Deville is a super rocket and the top in American cars. If you check out the STS owners ...
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    amott37 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    May 2005
    South Carolina

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    My 97 Deville is a super rocket and the top in American cars. If you check out the STS owners you'll laugh! The Deville is a better machine all round, more comfort, more reliable (109000 miles and like new). The only repair has been new rear shocks, my fault. Very fast from the dig and a lot of top end. The weak spot in the drive train is mid range 35-50 is slugish. Biggest problem I have is keeping the tree fallings out of the vent system.this is my 4th caddie, 86 coupe D, 81 Fleetwood, 86 fleetwood and this 97 Deville. I did own a 91 towncar which honestly was better than my first 3 caddies but not my 97 D.

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    bigeel0 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Mar 2005

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    99 Deville Concours

    I bought this caddy in Reno, Nevada, in 2004. Originally, it had 75,000 miles on it. It had over $2000.00 worth of work done for repair and maintenance. It was priveously owned by a trust company, which could mean anything, but its black on black:rolleyes2 . I have really enjoyed this vehicle. Presently, it has 109,000 miles on it, and mostly highway miles. I am getting about 22 miles to the gallon, and 26MPH when i change the oil. I drive the car on highways alot. I presently live in the high desert in arizona and travel to Flagstaff, Phx, and Albq, nm alot. The comfort and cruising is execeptionally. I use to own a 91 legend, and the power and pick up is about the same, but what the caddy lacks in cornering, make up in highway power and cruise holding power. I am over 6'1" and accessible to instruments and seat comfort is a plus:coolgleam. People just look when its gets it monthly cleaning. I am looking for a good set of tires that will enhance the riding. I am looking at yokohama tires versus Bridgestone, How do onther caddy owners think about these tires? I also have the same problem other caddy owners have with SES light and gas cap thing. I have done nothing yet to it and its drive the same. Sometime, I'll attend to it.
    Just a fine car, and I have no regrets.

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    derrty_deville's Avatar
    derrty_deville is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
    Automobile(s): 1993 Cadillac CDV 102k
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    May 2005
    St. Cloud, MN

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    the thing i love about my 89 sedan deville and my 86 coupe is mainly the room. today for example i just returned from a 200 mile trip which i take frequently over the smmer and the room definitely helps. i sit in the back and have room to strech my legs. to match this you need a suv or a minivan at least. and even with the car being a shocking 16 years old i still walk out to the parking lot and proudly walk up to it. and i say yea thats my lac there.

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    HUD is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 2010 CTS
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    Mar 2005
    Camarillo, Ca.

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Scott, I have an 02 DTS andhad the same problem with my radio. The dealer replaced the amp. and the probem was fixed.

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    cadibrougham is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1993 SEDAN DEVILLE
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    Nov 2004

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    first of all i have BRIDGE STONES on My DEVILLE no choice thats the way it came but i love them. They are very very very quite on the road and not to stiff of side wall.

    :coolgleam I own a beatifull 1993 Sedan DeVille, its dark green with tan top and eleganct vougue rims (not tires.)_ I bought i t at LUND cadillac with 59,000 miles on it in feb. Since then i have put over 5,000 miles on it. new water pump ,hoses and stuff like that at the dealer it had the original waterpump and coolant and hoses in it. YUKEY, the tech said he had to spray air PSI up the radiator to get the greeen sludge out, (they didnt tell me that when i bought it).(pun intended)
    i love the ride and the room, the back seat is hugh. The 4.9 is a little noisey in the morning but i LOVE IT. You drive down the road listeing to the slightly noisey motor but you dont feel it vibrate like most cars its great. after 5 min its quite. the only thing i CANT STAND about this DeVille is not have a TACH or a TEMP Gauge or a VOLT meter. the dash only gives you speeed miles and a plethora of dummy lights. otherwise the car is great i call it the D"ELEGANCE and get confused looks from people who ask about it.
    I had a 1991 seville and i think the deville is nicer for me im 280 pounds and 6ft 1 in. it was pretty small in the SeVille. The SeVille was so much quicker then the DeVille but the DeVille is obviuosly HEAVIER. my Seville was not as smooth as the DEVille but sure was loaded with power.
    I went and test drove the new line of cadillacs and the only thing i could fit in comfortably for a big guy is the deville or escalade. Even the 05 DeVille was little small for me my right knee cap hits that console and it not comfortable at all. so for now i will stick with my 93. I heard the 06 DTS will have a front bench for 3 people so i assume no console in the middle of the dash i look forward to driving that.
    anyways if your big like me and need room and power go with it DEVILLES ROCK!!!!
    i love all the cars in the line up everyone ESP 99 ltd. fleetwood. and 60 SPECIALS.
    but again if your big you need a big car haha.

    also i learnd that if you drive a cadillac always have $1,500 dollars in the bank for the car on any day at any given time for any given automotive malfunction. im a ASE TECH. and i take mycar to the dealer, people think im stupid, i just DONT want to work ON MY CAR! does that sound funny? let me know ( i get interesting responses.)

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    TLeTourneau's Avatar
    TLeTourneau is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Jun 2005

    Thumbs up Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Hello all,

    I picked up a Crimson Pearl 03 DeVille about a month ago with 75K on the clock, what a Gorgeous color. This is my third Caddy and I have loved them all (yep, even the old diesel Fleetwood). It's a great car everything I have come to expact from GM's luxury division (SAAB doesn't count ).


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    imranokazmi is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Feb 2006

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Quote Originally Posted by JJhomer83
    1992 Cadillac Eldorado
    I bought this car about a month ago with 67,xxx miles on it. It is Diamond White exterior with the black ground effects around the car. There is nothing wrong with the exterior except the passenger side door. It has a large gouge in the molding that should be fixed as soon as i get some extra cash. The interior is PERFECT. The only thing is the normal wear and tear of a 11 year old car. About the car in general it is a well rounded coupe. A few things that i don't really care for are the frameless windows b/c of the noise it makes at high speeds. My car didn't come with any cup holders and that really bothers me ALOT i love my coffee in the morning. I also have the base model coupe so i dont' have the wood accents in the car. That adds a touch of class to it. The stock rims are abosolutly horrible to keep clean b/c of the 30 spokes and its very time consuming. It is also basically a 4 person car. There is no way 5 adults can fit into it.
    The things that i do like are endless. The interior is really comfortable and elegant. It turns a lot of heads to see a youngin driving it. It will smoke most stock cars on the road even though its the 4.9L. Gas milage is great for a v8 (no matter what anyone says im used to 10 MPG). The handling is perfect for a car of that size and how I'd expect it to handle. Well that's really about it. Would i get another one YES. But i would make sure i get the North* and a 95 or newer.

    I need your advice FAST!!!

    I've been browsing thru ur archives for a month now; since contemplating purchase of a 92 Fleetwood here in Dubai (UAE); done 160000 kms, ABS problem; TRACTION OFF & ANTI LOCK lighted on the instrument panel; besides CHECK CCR lighted on the panel left to the steering (below). Furthermore, does the 92 Fleetwood have cruise?

    BTW I am contemplating the purchase decision coming Saturday :-) I do have other options like a 2001 Catair Caddy for USD 10,000... and 95 STS for USD 2,000 but the owner says "EVERY MONTH ON AN AVERAGE I SPEND USD 100+ ON REPAIRS + WASTED TIME AT MECHANICS..."


    Considering you are all PROS at Caddy's; is it a good buy at USD 1,500? and how much should I expect to spend on it?


    Imran O Kazmi
    Trainer, Nokia Academy
    MD, Synergize / S2A (Strategy2Action)
    Balanced Score Card enhancement CRS Cube and more....

    PO Box 74327, Dubai, UAE

    O +9714 311779 F +9714 3311765
    M +97150 5849562

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    johwhite is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Jan 2006

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I bought my 2000 DeVille new and it is my first new Caddy. While I truly love this white pearl beauty with its chocolate roadster roof, I have been very disappointed with Cadillac's quaility. I thinks that its is a beautifully made machine but made from some very poor quality parts and I have the invoices to prove it! This, despite the fact that the car is extremely well cared for and is in showroom condition. I also found out that Cadillac's customer service department is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

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    S33k3r_13's Avatar
    S33k3r_13 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 02 DHS
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    Nov 2005
    Long Island, NY

    Talking Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I bought a 2002 DHS in November of last year (2005) with a little over 36K on it. Now let me tell you I have had some small problems with it that the dealer has taken care of (After 2-3 trips ffs ) and aside from that I LOVE THIS CAR . It makes me smile every time I drive it and I'm a grumpy person by nature so you can imagine. The power is excellent and smooth as can be and the ride is excellent!!! I will tell you they have given me a 2006 DTS & then a 2006 STS as loaners and IMHO they can't compare to the ride of my DHS. I always like my Caddy's to be smooth. Anyway that's my 2 cents for now. Hopefully no more problems coming up to make me change this.


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    cadillacgirl's Avatar
    cadillacgirl is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1998 sedan deville
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    Mar 2005
    dallas texas

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    i own a 98 seden deville and i just love it.. i too have a tall husband and 2 teenagers and the room and comfort is just great i bought i 2nd with low mileage and interoir was and still is in great shape. i have driven many different cars from a truck to a z/28 and i am hooked on cadillac.

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    Tombo47 is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
    Automobile(s): 2001 ETC
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    May 2005
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Whats up Gents and Gals, I am a proud owner of a sable black on black2000 DTS. My only beef is the fool before me didnt take care of the wood trim with pledge or protectant, so the shifter and cnsole are a little faded. This car handles insanely well for a car of its size. There is very little chrome on it, not as much as the base deville. This is due to its sportier initiative. Leather is soft and supple with no damage or lines. Great news considering it has 93K on the clock. The 300HP northstar is just amazing. The car is very menacing and intimidating, and glides. But when you mash the throttle you hear a beautiful exhaust note and the ride gets stiff. Stabilitrak and Traction Control ave never let me slide on ice. I tried to spin the car out on a court of ice and failed. This is my fourth Caddy, 1992 Eldorado Blk/Red, 1987 Fleetwood Brougham RWD (nothing is smoother) and a 1995 Eldorado in white diamond. I havent had any parts fall off of my cars

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    dstarr is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Black '99 Deville
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    Feb 2005

    Smile Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    A year has gone by since I first posted to this thread. I still have the '99 Deville. I have put 25K miles on it since this time last year (79K miles total). In a year's time and 25K miles nothing , absolutely nothing, has broken. All the gadgets and gizmo's still work. She gets fresh oil when she asks for it (about 6K miles per oil change). I treated her to fresh radiator coolant and that's it for maintenance. In a month or so, I'll have to buy new tires, but doing 78K on a set of tires is pretty good.
    Paint and interior is still very good, not quite like new, but plenty good enough for a 7 year old car. The styling is distinctive, the legroom is outstanding, the ride is good, the Northstar comes on like John the Bear when I stamp on it. I can climb into it after a long day at the office and feel pampered driving home thru Rt 128 traffic. A truly wonderful car. Worth every penny.
    '99 was the last year of really American styling on the Caddy. It is low, good eggcrate grille, smooth front end, and the tall thin taillights at the rear. Good looking car. The 2000 model redid the rear end in a more Euro-style. It's not bad, but I like the '99 styling better. For a big car, it looks good, and I want a big car.
    Let's hope GM keeps making real large Caddy Devilles. Granted it's a niche car, but it's a bigger market niche than Corvette. They ought to be able to make money selling them. To be a real Caddy, it's got to be big, with real rear seats with grown up leg room in the rear as well as the front. And a trunk big enough for four adult's worth of luggage. Was it me, I'd use less glossy plastic fakewood trim on the interior.
    I may replace all the shock absorbers with the stiffest ones I can find. The handling is OK and the ride is good, but I think I might trade off a little ride softness for stiffer cornering. Roads around here are mostly smooth as can be, so the car doesn't really need an exceptionally soft suspension. Some of the on-ramps can be very twisty (especially at night at well over the speed limit) and stiffer handling would be a confidance builder.

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    Salsashark's Avatar
    Salsashark is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Mar 2006
    Jacksonville, Fl

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    1978 Deville
    I bought that car from a retired Cadillac dealer off an R.V. lot for $900. It was a Beigey pink color with a padded rust colored top and interior all leather with 92,000 miles on it, in really nice condition inside and out...this was in '93....I loved it for 5 years and never had any major problems other than basic tune ups and a new battery. Greatest car I ever owned but, was moving cross country and couldnt take it so I sold it and it broke my heart.
    I recently purchased a dark blue Firemist '93 Sixty Special for a mere $800and the love affair continues...although it has a ton of miles (192,000 +) it was a one owner who lived in the country and drove into town to work everyday so, i'm hoping I can baby this one along for a while yet. Other than the miles and some basic maintence issues it seems to be a strong runner....everything in it and on it seems to work fine and I think She's happy to have a new home...she seems to run better and better everyday that I drive her.

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    eternity is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 2003 CTS; 2004 Escalade
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    Mar 2006

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Just bought 01 DTS with 44k miles. Previous (one) owner had problems with Stabilitrac light coming on, is that a known problem? Thought I would try a Caddy instead of the Lexus or BMW, if reliability is good, I think I will like the car. Bought my first Caddy 30 years ago, but sold it because it got less than 10 mpg. Have not had one since.

    Also, wood console has lots of minor scratches, easy to replace? Or suggestions on treating the scratches? I tried a little Carnuba way, it helped some.

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    WhiteFleet's Avatar
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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Hi guys,
    I owned a Fiat Tipo (my first car) a Citroen ZX Furio, Honda Prelude (guess I’ am French and I everyday drive a Lincoln LS V6.
    What sensation is to drive a Caddy, this is like a boat on 4 wheels but I should say a Yacht in fact cos mine is 15 years old and full of options and gadgets when during this time in Europe the passenger’s electric windows was an option.
    Everything is runing good and lots of parts are original. If some parts need to be changed its simply becvause the previous owner didnt care enough about his car.
    Now I know exactly what “cruising” means and after spending 8 years at 150-180km/h on European motorway I enjoy driving smoothly with my 91 Cadillac Fleetwood.

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