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Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:
1985-1992 Fleetwood, 1993 Sixty Special, All FWD Forum Discussion, Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know... in Past Cadillac Vehicle Discussion; '77 Coupe DeVille The odometer had rolled at least twice by the time we sold it. In the time that ...
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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    '77 Coupe DeVille

    The odometer had rolled at least twice by the time we sold it. In the time that we owned it the transmission blew 150,000+ and the A/c and trunk motor never worked.

    '87 Eldorado

    My dad had the engine pretty much rebuilt by having all the gaskets replaced for about $1,300 I think it had the 4.5. Also every time you would come to a stop the oil pressure light came on. But as we were worrying about the Engine going out the trany started to go. Also the main computer in the center stac started smoking and died. The only replacement for it was in Oklahoma for $400 or so, Dad did not buy it. We paid $4500 for the car with 83,000 mi and traded it in on a '93 DeVille in '99 for $1,500 to the local Toyota dealer with 100,000 mi or so. The car had had 5 owners prior to us, take that as a valuble lesson. It came for Califorina.

    '93 Sedan DeVille

    We bought it from the Toyota used lot with 63,000 on it selling for 8,500 or 7,500 in '99. We bought it on the condition that the dealer paid for whatever was making the SSS light come on. It was something to do with the ride levelr $800 and a new battery. Since then it has had some little starting problems but fixed I never found out what they were. The struts/shocks are kind ashot now and the exhaust needs work. Thats it great car! oh and my dad blew out the power steering motor. 123,000mi

    '99 STS

    Only replaced the water pump so far, and prior prior owner only had the front rotors were replaced.

    46k now 48k

    Great car!

    Our Nissan 240sx is not a car that I like to much(150,000 and dead). Our Honda is way better.

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    Phroneo Guest

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    1993 Deville, 128,000 miles, I think.
    Red w/ Carriage Top and red leather int.

    It's got lots of power, lots more than what I expected. The interior is nice and in good condition. We just purchased it a few months ago.
    When we purchased it there were two small cracks in the top middle of both front fenders that I figured I'd have fixed pretty soon. My wife drives this to work which is only about 4 blocks or so from the house. The cracks immediately grew down to the middle of the fender before I drilled holes to stop the cracks.
    Plastic fenders???? Man did that shock me. I though Cadillacs were supposed to be wonderful from top to bottom.
    Two places, one on each side at the bottom had the paint peel off for some reason?? no clue why. The top was dirty so I used a power washer on it and now is pretty as can be but I only hand wash the rest.

    The interior is wonderful and as I said it has lots of power but otherwise what a piece of junk. I thought it would be a safe car to purchase used but with all the brake dust on the front wheels all the time and the other problems, mainly plastic, I think I'll pass on any more caddies. It's a shame too because the ride is like floating on air--and I love that. I just never expected plastic.
    better luck for everyone else, all the pictures are wonderful.

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    Phroneo Guest

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Strange place...It won't post exactly what I type. And I'm not using any strange font or anything.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Quote Originally Posted by SoundAdvantage
    I doubt either one of you would like riding in my noisey 87' it squeeks and rattles and the viberation is terrible! and there is this very loud banging sound comming from some where in my trunk.
    thats exactly what my 87 deville sounds like too.

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    SmileRe: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Hi--Im new to this.

    I own a 2001 Cadillac DTS. The suspension is firmer then perevious models and has an European feel to it. It handles real well much better than my 1998
    I was surprised to find out that the new DTS only has 290HP down from 300HP on mine? Anyone know why they cut back on the horses?

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I've got a 91 deville sedan w/ 103k miles on it and i will never buy one again. Maybe its just this one that was not taken care of, but theres just too many problems with it. I have put alot of money in it and the next day something else goes wrong. I advise you to buy another car before you buy a used caddy. New on the other hand I could do if i had that type of cash.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    hi, i currently have a 94 seville sls, but prior to that i had a 91 deville that i loved. owned it from 88k mi to 140k mi in a 3 year period and enjoyed every bit of it for the most part. it had the 4.9L in it which i liked in my deville but hated the engine in my bros 92 seville. it had tons of torque and i swear it seemed faster than my seville. it was was blue on blue with the simcon top. i even delivered pizzas in it (dont laugh, it payed for the car itself). things that bugged me though, was kinda hard to clean because of all the ornamentation; grille, wire wheels, chrome trim seville is much easier to maintain in the hygiene dept. my 91 was the most comfortable and pleasing car to drive to date. although, with my bad back, i wouldve loved to had lumbar and htd seats. while being extremely comfy, the style doesnt compare to my sls. i like the idea of center console and the whole simplified style. and, the fake wood on my deville sucked ass; my buddy had a 89 fleetwood and it had real wood which was pretty, matter of fact that whole car was sweet (too bad his block cracked). other than normal things that will go on a high mi car it was pretty solid and i regret selling it. one thing though did scare me. towards that last year of ownership my steering wheel SMOKED! yeah, you heard me, it would happen sporatically, but it would come from the seem of the wheel and the column and smelled like burnt plastic (assuming wires or something) and scared the crap outa me. i never had it looked at and was afraid of trying to remove the wheel with the airbag, but i sold it before it got worse.

    all in all, i loved the car, my first caddy and i loved those tail fins! 8 out of 10; given year, condition, mileage etc....looking at a 00, 01 dts next.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I have a 1990 Sedan Deville that I have owned for a year. It's fairly rare with a white exterior with gold/chrome trim, styled gold aluminum wheels and a two tone white and blue interior, leather seats. The styling has aged well, and I get attention wherever I stop from police to car salespeople. My dad has a 1992 Lincoln Town Car, so I get the best of both worlds - the muscular 4.5 of my caddy or the pillowy smooth silent cruising of the Townie. But my question is, why is Cadillac so bloody inconsistent with their styling? 50's were gaudy and over trimmed, hate them. 60's they took a cue from Lincoln and smoothed it all out (if you look closely, the tail lights are very Lincoln-esque), beautiful large sedans. 70's once again large, and in charge with 'locomotive styling', though the 4 door Lincs were smoother looking and more elegant (79 black on black being the best), these are nice too. The dreaded 80's. The Devilles shrank in '85, looking little more than re-badged Olds's, and we won't even talk about the hideousness of the slant-backed Sevilles. 90's - 1989 brought about a new Deville (except with the same damn interior as the 80's Devilles) with classic styling, tasteful chrome, and a lusty 4.5L V8. I love my 90. 94 brought a major ugly redesign. The huge front grille looks like a big toothy mouth, and the huge slabs they call quarter panels look pregnant with the half covered wheel wells. Then 1997, and *bang* they got the styling dead on - a proper sized grille, they ditched the pregnant quarters, this car is dead even with 90's era Town Cars as far as smooth looks go, and go they do with the world class Northstar V8. Could we expect Cadillac to keep up the good work? Well, no. Whereas a 2000 era Townie has some of the most beautiful styling ever to grace a large car (looks as good as any Rolls, Bentley or Jag) the 00 and up Devilles look almost cartoon-ish from the front, and the squat rear 80's Seville-ish. And don't let Cadillac fool you, the interior is definately not as roomy as Devilles of the 90's. Hopefully with the '06 re-style, they can play catch-up to Lincoln in the styling department, and rear-drive would be nice. But then the Town Car is due for a re-style as well, and is already (or still) rear-drive. We'll see, come next fall.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I have a '94 Fleetwood - the big RWD model with a live axel. It is absolutely huge! Whenever I try to sell it, all my friends beg me not to. It drives 4 full-sized adults in absolute style to concerts, football games, skiiing, wherever in the US! It tows a boat as well as a truck with its 350cu V8. Sure its 'old school," but I can't find a straight-up replacement for it - maybe a newer Deville. Here are my opinions:

    Absolutely the biggest car you can find. You can sit in the back seat and fidget your feet around on the floor without bumping ito anything or stuffing them under the front seats. I stuffed the interior of a Jaguar (seats, dash, carpet, door panels...) into it to deliver to a guy in the next state. He drove his Buick that is built on the same frame. When he showed up and I swung pone his rear door, I new we had trouble. The Buick is a good 6" smaller in the rear seat area. We had to strap parts in his open trunk.

    Self leveling suspension - the car always looks poised whether towing a trailer or if the trucnk is stuffed full of bricks for that weekend project.

    Monster V8 never seems strained under any conditions. Just push the pedal and you go. Heck, one could call the car fast!

    Traction control and snow tires allow this car to handle snowy Midwestern conditions with aplomb.

    Nearly 20MPG at 75 on the highway. Heck, I get about 12 towing a ski boat and tons of gear.

    148K miles, and I think it'll go another 100K with the usual maintenance.

    High trunk lift-over.
    Too many expensive repairs (100k tune up - $1000, ABS pump $1500, AC compressor $1000 for example, rear air shocks $750).
    Live axel jumpy over big bumps.
    A few cheap plastic interior and exterior trim pieces could be better.

    In all, these last generation Fleetwoods are great cars that are irreplaceable at their current value.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I am new to this, Her is my problem. My sister owns a 1991 DeVille that she got from my mother, the Caddy is in pretty good shape but has a leek in the heater core. i remember in the old days you could bypass the the heater core by connecting the to heater core hose to the return hose, untill you had time and money to fix the problem. Is this still possible?

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Just acquired my first ever Cadillac after 20 years of driving 4 banger minivans. The DeVille is good looking. Distinctive styling, especially the front end. Road handling, cornering, braking and accelleration are good. The Caddy sticks on corners better than a Jaguar sedan I owned once upon a time and accelerates better than a Dodge Intrepid with the full house 210 Hp v8. The Northstar gets the Caddy well above the speed limit in no time at all.
    Took the Caddy up skiing last weekend. Good snow car. I can pull out into an unplowed passing lane with a couple of inches of fresh snow on it, and the car feels good passing at 65 and up. Front wheel drive is the way to go. Traction control pulls it up a snowy driveway, and the antilock brakes are a confidence builder. The outside temperature indicator is really nice for those dark nights when you are wondering if that black stuff up ahead is black ice, or just wet asphalt.
    It's big enough to haul a teenager and his stuff to camp or to college. It makes more of an impression than the look alike Acura/Accord/Beemer/Mercedes fancy sedans. The Caddy is fine Detroit iron. It takes a good deal of the curse out of long car trips. It's a pleasure to own one.

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I purchased my 1998 Deville D'Elegance with 67000, miles on it in Nov. of 04 and the honeymoon is still not over . It is the body style i like the most and i can't say enough about value for a used car! I have had many cars and love muscle cars of yesterday so after discovering the Northstar lurking under its hood i finally have it all. This gem is loaded with all but a moonroof . Windows have just been tinted with 3m 20% film (I will post pic's with tint soon), not only does it look cool it keeps cool. Next it will get a little (bump in the trunk) to compliment it's great sound system then maybe some 20's on the ground. I won't mention the very few things that might not be perfect because they have no effect on my judging of this car . Besides i'm not perfect.

    Thanks for listening.
    Attached Images

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    My 1st car was a 1987 Chevrolet Sprint (5 door hatch, automatic). Got it in July, 1994. Not really my idea of what I wanted in a car, I called it the detour on the way to a bigger car LOL. It was ideal where I was travelling back & forth to town alot, and being easy on gas.

    In December, 1996, the Sprint started acting up (heads were bad), so I put it in the garage to sell in the spring, and I got a 1987 Oldsmibile Cutlass Ciera (4 door, 2.8 V6). This was a much nicer car to drive than the Sprint. I had that car until March, 1999.

    While I owned the Oldsmobile, I briefly owned a 1975 Buick Limited Park Avenue. That car was a tank, and jet black, 4 door with a 455 4bbl V8 rumbling under the hood. After I got rid of that, I got a 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport for a short time, 4 door, maroon with a 2.8 V6.

    The end of Oldsmobile ownership came when I came across a 1985 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham, 4 door, gold with wire wheels. It had some major problems, and I was in a cash crunch so I got rid of it in April, 1999.

    From April, 1999 to Feb'05 I didn't have a car. That's when I got the Coupe DeVille that I currently own. I was just out for a drive because it's a beautiful day today, and I thought to myself...."I don't think I could ever go back to another make of car, if I can get another Cadillac after this one, I will!!!"

    Last night, I was having a few beers so I got my room-mate to drive me around. He was in his glory driving around town in a Caddy LOL. Even his girlfriend, a devoted Honda Prelude lover, said she'd love to have a Coupe like mine!!! I thought she was out of her mind, where she was a devoted Honda fan all along LOL. As far as luxury cars go, if I couldn't find a Caddy as my next one, I would definitely drive a Lincoln. But I plan on keeping my Coupe for a long time because it's my 1st Caddy, and I love the attention this car generates.

    Peace to all the Caddy drivers out there!!!

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    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    Currently have a 89 fwd fleetwood,92 Deville,96 seville. A+++ on all.
    Glad I sold the 96 town car, I used to buy a new town car every 2 years, But the 97 and up bodystyle makes me puke. Cadillac all the way now. Probably be looking for a new sls or sts soon. Keep up the great work GM.

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    Phroneo Guest

    Re: Consumer Report: What's YOUR opinion? We'd like to know...

    I'm still amazed at this car. We haven't had it very long and more and more issues just make me wonder. I still don't get why they used plastic. Then there is the issue with our paint. The paint is FALLING OFF! No I don't take it to the car wash. The paint is falling off the plastic car. I've had some junk cars in my life but I don't think any would top this. We expected a nice car. This one floats a bit too much and just seems worn out. I forget at the moment how many miles, somewhere around 125k or so...I guess these simply aren't made well anymore. That's so sad because we had to look for awhile to find the Maroon with the white carriage top. It also uses about a quart of oil between changes.
    That's enough complaining for now. Sorry....

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