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Thread: '90 Sedan Deville ?

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    '90 Sedan Deville ?

    Hi all, I'm a little surprised that I found a forum dedicated to Cadillacs! I've been reading here for a few hours and I thought I'd join in. Here's my story:

    About three years ago my Mom wanted to sell her '90 Sedan Deville and hadn't had much interest from buyers. She's in a rather rural area so I thought I'd take it off her hands and bring it to the area I live in and maybe make a bit of a profit by selling it here. Nope! After driving the car home in a snowstorm, and leaving my other car there, I had begun to like driving it. So much so that I drove it for six months solid before I caught a ride back to my Mother's home to pick up my other car. Then I would switch back and forth between it and my primary car. My friends made fun of me driving this huge thing! I guess they didn't remember the '78 Coupe Deville I drove for years when I first had my son (a safety thing! It was huge and solid). I've put a little $ into it over these years but I've enjoyed it so it was worth it. However, the state I live in just imposed more stringent emissions laws, and it's time to renew my registration. Haven't driven the car for a few months and the last time I did she was running a bit rough. I'm nervous about it passing the emissions test.

    My question to you is this. If it doesn't pass the emissions, what is the most common reason/first thing to fix on this model of car? I don't want to put a whole bunch more $ into this car and would like to try to fix it the first time instead of spending up to the limit in order to get a waiver. I've actually thought about just selling it, but found out the new laws get involved in sales too so that may not be a choice. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: '90 Sedan Deville ?

    being a 4.x series pushrod engine id say look into cleaning the egr system and makeing sure the egr valve works first , seems to plauge these things somethin feirce , also changing plugs, wires, cap and rotor do wonders . outside that it shouldnt need a thing to pass IMHO

    do a search here for egr valve stuff , see what you come up with , one of these days ill check to see what threads its covered in and see if we can make a sticky ...

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    Re: '90 Sedan Deville ?

    That sounds like a nice way to get a car! Has it had a tune up lately? That will have an effect on the way it runs and emissions and so will things like a bad oxygen sensor and other bad sensors, etc... You can also get the trouble codes and use them to see if there is anything wrong with it. If you haven't done it yet go through the different posts in this part of the forum and in the engine section. If you don't find anything that helps with this question you'll at least find some other interesting things to read!


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