I'm changing my cross over gaskets and as much as I try to not remove the transmission shifter linkage I suppose I have to. I have seen on some other posts that the shifter has a installation procedure that may need a dealer only tool. Some have said that they mark the position of something but don't give enough information for a lunk head like me to know what they are marking. So I hesitate taking it of unless I know how to put it back on.

It looks like there is only one bolt that holds the shifter control (that sits on top of the transmission on (which surprise me) am I correct here?

Also what should I suspect when I take off the trans selector cable link, unbolt the bolt holding the control unit on? I suppose it will just pull up and maybe have a shaft going into the transmission but am afraid that there may be some springs or some such other in there; any advice here?

Does anyone know what needs to be marked before removal to ensure no problems upon installation?

Thanks in advance,