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Thread: Water Pump Replacement

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    iamlarrymurph is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Jan 2011

    Water Pump Replacement

    I have searched and searched and searched the forum for instructions on how to change the water pump (and possibly thermostat) on a 2001 DeVille DTS. I believe to be unsuccessful, however if I have overlooked them, please forgive me. My inquiry is if these instructions are correct (and if anyone has taken on this task, please inform approximately how long it took you). THANKS! As for as the instructions, here they are:

    •Take off the plastic cover located near the top of the radiator if present.
    •Remove the protective shield located on top of the belt pulling the water pump. You will need to undo two 10mm nuts and one 10mm bolt.
    •Undo the 10mm nut that holds water pump housing togeter with the oil dipstick.
    •Take off the air intake assembly.
    •Move the PCM computer to one side, ensure that the module is safely placed.
    •Release the belt tensioner using a big flat screwdriver.
    •Remove the serpentine belt from the water pump pulley
    •Remove the upper radiator hose. This is held by a metal clamp. Use plyers to remove the clamp.
    •Remove also the clamp from the thermostat housing bypass hose, without removing the hose (you have to bleed coolant first).
    •Unscrew the four 10mm bolts that hold the water pump housing and letcoolant drain from water pump plug. At this point you can also removethe lower radiator hose to drain faster.
    •After coolant drains remove the water pump housing.
    •At this point you have to use a special Water Pump removal tool onwater pump cand turn clockwise until the pump is sliding off thehousing.
    •Remove the pump and the o-ring located inside the water pump housing.
    •Clean and grease the area, put a new o-ring and install back water pump housing
    •Install the new water pump using the special tool and following operations in reverse order.

    This all stemmed from driving into work today and getting the "Engine Hot - A/C off / Idle Engine" light. I pulled over, let it sit for a bit, added more coolant, and drive off. Within a few minutes it was doing it again. The repair shop said it was draining (not leaking) coolant. They quoted $550 to replace the water pump, thermostat, and do a coolant flush. I noticed the parts were kind of cheap, so thought if I could do the work myself, I could save $300-$400. Thoughts???

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    70cougar is online now Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
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    Re: Water Pump Replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by iamlarrymurph View Post
    Btw, this is for a 2001 Cadillac DeVille DTS.
    do you have a question? Here is link for steps to replace water pump on 2000 DTS - would be same as your 2001:

    edit: ok, now that you've added more info:

    is your water pump leaking? If it is, then it needs replacing (and the steps you now list look to be correct). If pump is not leaking, then that is not your problem and you need to look for where the coolant is leaking from. Thermostats almost never fail on these cars. Time to do this job depends on how easily the old pump comes out, but with the right tool that you list in your steps, it should take maybe 2 hours.

    I don't understand "draining not leaking"? Are they saying it is coming out the surge tank overflow? If so, check your purge line for flow, as they get clogged sometimes and that can cause overheating by not allowing trapped air to get out:
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    Wichita Kansas

    Re: Water Pump Replacement

    I read it to mean "this is not a small leak, it is pouring out"

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    iamlarrymurph is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): DeVille DTS
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    Jan 2011

    Re: Water Pump Replacement

    Thanks for the info 70cougar. I may try and tackle this, but going to have another shop take a look just to be safe. And yeah bigm57ict, I mean it's pouring out (from what they have informed me of).


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