Hey all, I just got a Cadillac today with an old aftermarket head unit. It didn't work and after pulling it out, I found that the prior owner had done a botched job. I've got the wiring almost completely sorted now for a new head unit but my issue is with the 12V+ Ignition wire. I know it is the yellow wire however when I turn on the 12V+ Constant, I can feel the head unit spinning up inside but the display does not come on and nothing happens after the initial spin up. Is there another ACC wire I could tap to get my head unit to come on fully and stay on? Thanks!

Note, this car has the Boss system in it but that has been COMPLETELY bypassed. Hellish mess that system was...


Sorry to waste space but I figured it out. Took some serious rewiring playing around but I finally got the power distributing through the system properly, in turn fixing a few dash issues as well.