I purchased a 1996 DeVille last week. It is in good condition with 114XXX miles. The first time I jumped in it and turned the key the dash light up like a christmas tree but still had that classic sedan ride and Northstar crammed underneath the hood ( and the seller accepted the really low number I threw out) so I bought it.

Thanks to these forums and all the helpful info I was able to start some troubleshooting as I would like to have first gear and pass an inspection.

Codes that I have:
PC0741- TCC System Stuck Off "current"
PC1571-Traction Control Torque Request Circuit
PC1602 -Knock Sensor (KS) Module Performance
PC1644 -Traction Control Delivered Torque Output Circuit
PZ2042 -Loss of serial communications - ABS/TCS
IP2710 -PASSKey Open/Shorted Pellet

Ive read all about the TCC solenoid being stuck off, that doesn't bother me. Its the ABS/TCS i want to figure out.

Ive spent hours reading "posts" on people experiencing these same sets of codes related to the ABS/TCS and, sadly, most just die out with no real definitive solution or jabber about differences between OBD 1 and 2. However, there were a few stories of success and legitimate troubleshooting that led them there. Some as simple as a blown fuse and others replacing an ignition cylinder ( along with no turn signals ) which i really thought may be the case for me.

I have over the course of the past few days.---

checked all fuses under the hood (including the MAXI-FUSE) with a multimeter and verified voltage at both sides of the fuse approx. 13.6 while engine running

I checked the fuse in the trunk (didn't verify voltage ) that is labeled PZM and first swapped with another and then removed and started car looking for a change in codes. Weird thing is the radio didn't work, thought that I had pulled the wrong fuse but not the case.

When I bought the car the blinkers were fast, replace blinker and it went to a normal blink speed.

removed the EBTCM connecter. It was surprisingly clean. I checked voltage at three locations (PINS 2, 3, 4) with an engine ground then PINS 1, 15. All checked good approx. 13.6 while engine running

Checked continuity between PIN 29 EBTCM and PIN 8 on the ODB port under the dash.

Somebody help me. I would love to fix this, drive legally, and feel first gear. Thanks all for any suggestions.