Okay i think the time has come im thinking of trading or selling my 04 DTS for something else (NO IT AINT NO FOREIGN CRAP ) anyway i dont know what to do. shes got 107,000 miles on her she runs good but giving my OCD she has a bunch of little issues, noting mechanical though but stuff like (Broken right rear door panel and switches to my driver seat control knobs broken) and body work issues plus gas aint that great at 8MPG lol

Fixing all of it will add up way past her worth, even though i still play with the idea crazy i know but caddys are really the only cars i ever loved kinda sad even thinking about geting rid of her, she saved my life twice for a big car she moves lol and she hasent giving me to much problems, though i know she can. anyway i really cant afford any of the new caddys right now plus i dont like buying new anyway caddys dont hold there value and older models like a 1st GEN CTS 07 or STS 2011 (Nicer then CTS) with the 3.6 (N* dropped for 2011) are all high miles or low miles with out alot options on it or too pricey still though i really want another caddy.

So i was thinking on a CPO 09 impala SS fully loaded white on black with about 25,000 miles $16,000 grand with the LS4 V8 5.3 303HP most features of the caddy but cheaper maintenance and gas is a little better with AFM plus some newer tech aswell (I have a thing for last in a model year series cars cant buy a inbetween year got OCD ) the car would serve as a bridge car for a few years and everyday driver until the new gen caddys come down a bit as cadillac just started these last few years going full speed ahead (The XTS in particular or ATS) are what i want future wise but for now im lost so what u guys think what should i do?