I have some AC experience as a Dad that keeps 6 cars running. Over time, I have retrofitted, replaced compressors, accumulators, condensers, orings and so on. But, this Deville's compressor is bad and I have begun the work. The car was retrofitted from R12 to HC134a sometime back. When I went to replace the accumulator, I think it is the OEM accumulator due to the sticker reading R12. I used my tools to break the hose connection and that was difficult. I was able to loosen the hose fitting about a quarter turn and it tightened. It does not want to loosen any further. Could be why the original accumulator is still on the car.
Question: any ideas how to get the darn hose loose? Thanks for any advice.
June 22
Having received none, I plan to replace the manifold hose at the same time as the accumulator. I suspect the oring is twisting back on itself.