Caillac Forum,

I have installed a 10inch sub (in box) and a PPI amp in the trunk. I have also purchased and install a LOC on the wires off the factory amp (red black/ red black) pair. The LOC is grounded and I am using a Stinger wiring kit (Ground, Power, remote on and RCA cables). When I installed the speaker it wouldn't come on unless I wiggles the RCA connector (I guess to provide resistance - plug it half in wiggle push in and out) then the sub would work until I turned off the car, then I would have to repeat this process again. I read that the stock amp had to read resistance to turn on, some people had installed resistors 2 ohm 50 amp in the lines (must guess was the red black pair out of the amp). So I did this and I have had no luck same process as before. Now must admit I am not a stereo or electrical expert and I need some help on this one. I feel that I am close to a solution but need some help from the experts. See the video which demonstrates my problem, thanks!