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Here's an update... I went to a second mom and pop mechanic and the mechanic listed these items:

- Power Steering Reservoir is leaking
- Water Pump is leaking
- Head Gaskets and Intake Manifold Gaskets are leaking
- Oil Pan Gaskets and possible Rear Main Seal

The last phrase included on the service report... "Car is not worth put alot of money into"

As I previously mentioned, I'm a college student and I don't have the time or money to fix the head gaskets. I could do the waterpump, but I don't really know how much time that would really buy me. The mechanic said, in contrast to the first mechanic I saw, that the waterpump seems to be functioning right now and it isn't a repair that I need to do right away. The car runs seemingly fine right now besides a power steering whine and the drops of oil (and sometimes a little coolant) found after taking the car out for a drive.

However, I drive to a college almost 6 hours away and I need to have a reliable car so as much as I like this car, I think probably one of the best solutions is to sell it/get rid of it.

Just curious; does anyone have a basic idea of what one can get for one of these in this condition? Besides all of those mechanical issues, the interior is in great shape overall, with the back seat looking practically new. The front seats have no rips and the paint is in good condition too. This is the car's 2nd winter being driven. I know KBB is about $2,486 for fair condition. Do you think it is better to sell it now before the problems get worse to get the most value out of it?

Thanks for all of the input.
OK here is what I would do - and do this yourself -

1 - do a BLOCK TEST -
autozone and other big autoparts stores
will let you borrow their kit -
you just have to pay for the special liquid - around $10

the BLOCK TEST is the definitive test for failed head gaskets in a Northstar motor -
the blue liquid changes color when it detects exhaust gasses in the cooling system -
ANY COLOR CHANGE AT ALL is a positive reaction - which is NOT GOOD -

a minor head gasket leak - or the early stages of head gasket failure
will turn the blue liquid a lighter shade of blue -
a bigger leak could turn the blue liquid almost clear -
an even bigger leak - the blue liquid turns green -
and the most dramatic change turns it yellow -

this is a very easy test to do -
it does not require any tools - except for the kit -
and if you follow the directions - the test is 100% accurate -

there are several good videos on YouTube that show the kit -
how to use it - and what to expect -

2 - once you have done the BLOCK TEST - your decision is much easier -
if it DOES have the failed head gaskets - get rid of the car -

if it passed the BLOCK TEST - you will need to get that coolant leak fixed -

oil leaks are not unusual in Cadillac engines -
depending on how bad the leak is
will determine your course of action -