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I agree the Sevilles and the DHS, DTS are the "better" Cadillacs than my Deville. However, if your wanting the look without the price, find a loaded up Deville and you will not be sorry, until you try to sell it. As for the features on the higher end Caddys, they also equate to more expense later on. While the Stabilitak is awsome, try buying replacement struts for those Caddys and you'll learn what price performance comes with. Heck, most people can not tell my Deville from a DTS or DHS anyway. With the "LIMITED" badging added by an aftermarket company, they really scratch their heads. The only option mine does not have that could be had on the Deville was a CD changer. The biggest difference to most people is the 5K-8K lower price on a car that looks the same to 99% of people out there.
Smokey: My SLS us back in the shop (they can't get the darned RainSense to work right after replacing the windshield).

So I am again driving a rental Deville, The Deville (even the plain vanilla one) kinda grows on you. I have noticed that for a large car it handles very well and its turning radius is better than my SLS. The steering feels tight. I don't know if the plain vanilla Deville has MagnaSteer like my SLS, but the MagnaSteer provides too much effort at low speed, making hte steering wheel too easy to turn. My family likes the fact that the rear seat is very roomy. Sunday we took a long drive and everyone enjoyed the backseat. They also like the fact that the rear windows go all the way down into the door. In the SLS, they only go half way down.

As you mentioned, a Deville with the right options is essentially undistinguisheable (from the ourtside anyway) from a DTS or a DHS.

There are three things that I would change in a Deville: 1. get rid of the hood ornament (it is to easy to vandalize it), 2. get rid of the steering mounted column shifter (I prefer the console shifter in my SLS and in the DTS) and 3. get rid of the digital instrument panel (the instrument panel in my SLS is very nice and highly informative--although I like that the mileage range is always on display in the Deville, so I know how far to go without having to scroll through the DIC, like in my car).

I would imagine that a black on black Deville, with chrome wheels would look very nice.