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Thread: 89 DVL. Starting problems woopin my ass!

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    Arrow 89 DVL. Starting problems woopin my ass!

    Well i post a thread about two weeks ago about the same problem. I think my ass has been officially wooped! I hear the starter click but acts like it aint got enuf power going to it. I have new everything, starter, alt, and battery. I bought a batter cable, which is wooping my ass as i type. I have read the wiring diagrams and everything. Here is my mothers response to this fiasco: You got to turn the wheels straight before it will crank up. Dont move the tilt or it want crank up again. Dont jerk the column. I have had to hear this for a god damn month and im about to kick her ass to the ****in moon! BTW the column is loose. I am gonna have to take a day and fix that problem which I cant figure out. I have read most of the haynes book and still couldnt figure out how to tighten the column. If the steering column is loose, i dont know how it could contribute to my starting problem. Im wanting to know if my ignition switch is messed up. I turned on all my stuff and makes the starter click in. It doesnt do that click click click. It just goes click. I cant seem to find any wires loose that would have to do with it all. But one thing is that i have taken out the anti theft thing that you hooked to you keys so nobody could steal your car. If you dont know what im talking about, its that thing that looked like a plug that you took out as you left the car. That has been removed. Could it be the shifter switch,The switch that if you have it in drive you cant crank it up? Is there a relay in the guts that could be causing this? Please tell me all possibilities that could cause this peice of shit from cranking up. And please tell me what is the main thing that could be causing this. Please help. Im tired of driving a 95 mazda mx-3 with an auto which has not a shit lick of power. thanks.

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    Re: 89 DVL. Starting problems woopin my ass!

    Just a thought for consideration. Many many moons ago I had a '72 Deville that would not start. I put a new battery in it and still wouldn't start. So I pull the starter and replaced it. Still no start. Take the starter back and get my old one back. Bench test it and it is good. Put it back in and no start. Now I am getting really pissed. About this time my neighbor comes home from work and quickly diagnoses a bad battery. I immediately tell him that it is brand new but he insists so to prove him wrong I let him jump it and the damn car starts right up. I take the battery back and sure enough it had a dead cell. I also had the same thing happen (minus the starter R&R) about a year ago. The moral of this story is don't overlook the battery just because it is "new". You can get bad ones off the shelf.

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    Re: 89 DVL. Starting problems woopin my ass!

    Sounds like you need an buy or borrow a digital multimeter so you can measure your battery voltage. Sears, Radio Shack, Home Depot. etc sell them. Prices start around $14. A cheap multimeter is all you probably need. I carry a small pocket size multimeters in each of my cars. With iginition off, a good battery should have at least 12.3 to 12.7 volts DC, and with the engine running at idle, 13.5 to about 14.5 Volts DC is what I normally read. Measure voltage across your two battery terminals. Meters come with with an instruction booklet, so if you never have used one just read the booklet. You can use the meter for checking electrial circuits, bulbs, wires, etc.


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