Hey guys, Great site. I've used it quite a bit on my 1995 sedan deville 4.9l, 4t60e. Let me give you a little history from about the latest problem I've been working on. A couple months ago I was driving down the freeway when all of a sudden I lost power from the trans, It was like it was put in neutral. I talked to a few people and after finding a small puddle of trans fluid under the car I figured I would replace the trans. After shoehorning it in (what a headache) the car now moves, but not very much, the trans is slipping in all gears and i am getting these current dtc's:
I027 -PRND321 Switch Failure
I039 -Loss of Road Sensing Suspension Data
P030-ISC rpm Out of Range
P090-PRNDL Switch Problem
and these in history:
I bought a used pcm because I was told that it controled the trans, ( the codes are the same with either computer.) but now learned that there is a TCS:madtalkin . I believe that the tcs could be bad but i do not know where it is to take it out! Any help would be greatly appreciated.