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Thread: 2000 DeVille door problems

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    bphill is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    2000 DeVille door problems

    My rear passenger door doesn't have power to lock, window, light and the speaker doesn't work. I think the fuse is good, the guy at Cadillac told me the back doors share a fuse. I pulled it and the other door went dead also. So, if he was correct then the fuse must be good. The wires that feed into the door are messed up on that side, could this be the problem? I have included a picture (I hope) of the doors side by side for comparison.
    If this is the problem, what is involved in the repair?

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    jasper60103 is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Apr 2007

    Re: 2000 DeVille door problems

    yeah, it obvious that sleeve is being pinch in the door jamb.
    I would start there. Likely some broken wiring inside.
    You may be able to splice in a new peice and work that
    kink out the sleeve.

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    turbojimmy's Avatar
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    Re: 2000 DeVille door problems

    Yes, that wiring harness is all kinds of messed up. That plastic tube should retract into the door when it closes, not get all pinched up. It's damaged the door, too, apparently.

    You'll probably need to replace that sleeve though I'm not sure how you'd get the wiring out of it. Best case is you'll have to repair the wiring in that sleeve and do your best to straighten it out so the door closes without pinching it.

    I had a ground wire break in that same door on my car for the same reason (though mine wasn't kinked that bad). I took the door panel off to get some slack on the wires and also pried that rubber boot away from the body of the car to get some room to work. I soldered the wire back together and taped in a splint where the kink was to keep that tube from bending.


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    dantemoravil's Avatar
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    Re: 2000 DeVille door problems

    its my turn for this issue. rear passenger door.

    2015-01-14 19.00.00.jpg

    2015-01-14 19.00.04.jpg

    having a terrible time trying to find part number to order new one. I pulled one from junkyard but 2 pins aren't included in the connector to the pillar/rest of car. my deville is base model 2001

    I think it is part 20 on this picture.


    this is where I got that picture above.

    I cant seem to figure out a correct part number to search other places for this. can someone assist me?

    Thank you in advance.



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