Someone asked me about my products and descriptions so I thought I would post for everyone.

Paint sealant; superior quality synthetic polymer giving lasting protection 6 months longer than wax, show car shine

Paint cleaner; pre step before using sealant, removes minor scratches and other blemishes, while polishing the finish

Spray and shine, lubrication for clay car, removes dust, fingers prints

Clay, removes surface contaminants

Polyseal; For perfectionists. adds depth, clarity, and billiance to the finish. keeping the car show room perfect

Chrome sealer, also used to seal glass, I use it in door jams also

Leather cleaner, safely cleaner without using harsh surfactants

Leather conditioner, restores the oils in leather keeping it from drying out

Dressing; protects all rubber (tires) has uv protection for dash, also used on vinyl and uncoated plastic

Micro fiber, these are the good ones, high quality, must have for detailing