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Thread: Trashed white diamond paint. Truck 3 days old

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    Trashed white diamond paint. Truck 3 days old

    I trashed the White Diamond Paint on my brand-new, 3-day old 2005 Escalade.

    I put on "Black Magic Tire wet gel" on the tires. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! Its a gel to shine the tires and after you put it on, you let it sit for 10 min so it can dry and not spin off. Well no matter what, it will spin off. And wherever the spinoff goes, it turns the white diamond paint a dark yellow, perminantly. This stuff sucks! The tires look fantastic but the pain is distroyed. I tried compound, wax, everything. All the spray up went on the bottom part of the doors behind each tire and the backs of the painted mirrors.

    Here is the website so you can see what this crap looks like so you can avoid it. I bought it at pepboys.

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    Re: Trashed white diamond paint. Truck 3 days old

    i think your trippn lol no offense but me and every1 in my car club (46 members and growing) uses this on their tires and it works perfectly and doesnt spin off .... 1 black escalade and 2 white diamond escalades included

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    Re: Trashed white diamond paint. Truck 3 days old

    the stuff couldnt have done that , at least perminetly ..

    dont apply any more chemicals to the paint untill you can contact your cadillac dealer and get there imput , bring the offending chemical with you ...but dont do anything else to it , you dont want to risk any chemical interaction or possibly sealing the stuff to the paint ....its still early and the stuff couldnt have gotten thru the clear coat in my opion ..

    if anything open the hood or a door and somewhere that cant be seen apply a drop of that stuff to the paint and see what happens ...

    Im really worried someone has dropped yellow paint on the road and you hit it unknowingly, it happend to me once ....

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    Re: Trashed white diamond paint. Truck 3 days old

    Over the years at our detail shops we have seen tire dressing etch into paint, it happened to me personally in 98' on my 5.9 Grand Cherokee, the GC was white, you could see it on the rear fenders where the bumper met the fender, I tried clay, compounds, buffer and even color sanding (wet sanding) but the damage was done, you could see the yellowish stains. Some tire dressing can react to different wax products in bad ways.

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    Re: Trashed white diamond paint. Truck 3 days old

    Post some pictures of this if you can .

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