Hey Guys,

I just did a repair on my overhead glass case and thought that I would post it for others to see. I Talked with the dealer and of course found that the latch part which was broken was NOT available separately and I would need to either buy the entire case or go to EBay and look at used parts. The new part was listed for a couple of hundred and I said no thanks! So I took it apart and looked at how I could repair the latch. It has a complicated groove cast into the side of it that works the catch for the locking latch so I figured that it would not be easy to make a new latch. But there was enough room around the plastic latch to make a "cap" to replace the broken lip of the latch that is needed to lock and unlock the door. I grabbed a piece of scrap 1/8" thick aluminum stock from the shop and traced the latch out onto it, adding the missing material for the lock tab. I drilled and cut it out with a hacksaw and some small files and roughly shaped it to fit. Since it is hidden inside the case I wasn't worried about dressing it up and making it pretty, just useful. I was tired of looking around the open cover when I wanted to see out of the rear view mirror!

Photos attached so you can see the basics of how I did it. Took me about 1/2 an hour to do the hole thing and I notched the back side of the case for the extra size of the cap and by making the notch the same width as the cap, it captures the cap and keeps it from coming off. I will however add a touch or two of glue to lock it into place. You could make the cap from plastic, but the aluminum won't break as easily with continued use.



Hope that this helps a few of you.