Let’s suppose:
* I’m going to buy a “Caddy”,
* do not like any of the offered factory paintings,
* I want to realize my dream painting in a really good paint shop,
* I prefer not to lose car’s warranty:
Where should I go to?

- Logically cannot be any “backyard paint shop”, because a Cadillac is a car of high quality and so must be the paint job.
- Preferentially should be a paint shop attached to a “GM’s Authorized Mechanical Workshop”, in order to preserve GM’s warranty. There will be not so much of them.
- As Cadillac itself is an expensive car, so it does not matter, if I would have to make any travel within the USA, in order to find the best.

Friends, where do you recommend me, within the USA,to go to?

Yours truly: European Caddy Fan