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Thread: CTS egged!! options for fix

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    CTS egged!! options for fix

    I have an 08 CTS black raven and someone threw an egg at the rear driver door the other month. Luckily it didn't bake in the sun. The only damage is the circular pattern chipped area where the egg shell impacted. The lowest estimate I got to repaint the entire door is $700 dollars. Ideally i'd like to find a cheaper option. Would touching it up with an airbrush be an option? I eventually will probably have the door painted however i'm low on funds now and seeing the mark each day is driving me nuts. Have any forum members here had any success with airbrushing. thanks in advance

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    Re: CTS egged!! options for fix

    A friend of mine has a black charger that got egged last year and the same circular pattern resulted. He has tried buffing it, filling it, waxing it, and nothing seems to really get rid of it. I doubt airbrushing it would be a good idea seeing as how it would put a layer of black over the clearcoat. Might not look right.

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    Red face Re: CTS egged!! options for fix


    Your Friend was on the right track. However, what you need to consider is sanding...yes sanding...I've detailed cars for many years and I've come across alot of bad car surfaces and most can be dealt with my using 2500-3000 grit auto sandpaper. An expert Detailer in your area will know what I'm talking about and fix your problem without having to re-paint. It's alot cheaper!

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    Re: CTS egged!! options for fix

    Ive also heard of many detailing shops using paint thinner on the trouble areas that have been egged. It basically does the same thing as sanding but its not as harsh. After applying the thinner wash/wax/polish the car as normal. Now if its chipped paint then nothing short of getting it repainted will fix it. You can try to use some GM touch up paint paint from the dealership but thats about as good as its gonna get without repainting. I use the touch up paint on my front bumper to hide small rock chips and it looks great. Best $11 I ever spent.

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