I've had my 04 CTS in for warranty work at Dew Cadillac on Gandy twice now & I won't be going back! The first time I was in there they didn't do half the work I took it in there for, eventhough the work order said they complete it, and half the work they did do was done sub-par. For instance, they replaced the CD player, but the trim around it was left hanging off. There were several other issues, but it's quite a list, so I'll spare you. When I took the car back to them to have them finish the other work they informed me that they couldn't warranty one of the issues, a trim piece around the winshield was loose, because the windshield had been replaced and it wasn't done by GM. They had me talk with the used car manager, Bill Hays, and I informed him that I had only owned the car for 5 days when I took it in to have it fixed. He said "Well if you would have bought it from me I would pay for it out of my own pocket just to keep you happy, but since you didn't you're out of luck." My jaw dropped when he said this to me! What kind of customer service is that!?! It's ironic though because I went to his dealership first when I was looking to buy a used CTS and in three weeks he couldn't come up with the car I wanted, while two other dealerships in the area I was dealing with had no problem finding a car for me. I ended up calling Caddilac Customer Service and they called the dealership an directed them to cover all the items under warranty. When I got the car back the second time, they had fixed everything, but they left a glob of silicone on the hood from when they fixed the trim and when they took the bumper off to replace the headlights, they messed up the V grille I had just put in. A lot of people say they like the plasma TVs and free coffee, doughnuts, soda & popcorn, but I could care less about all that crap! I just want my car fixed correctly and I want it done right the first time! I would not recommend this dealership to ANYONE!