Well, we just bought from them a few days ago (Sat, 1/27/06), and they were EXTREMELY friendly and helpful!

We called about a car we saw advertised, and told them we'd be running late. They said no problem, even though they closed at 7, they would wait around for us.

When we finally made it there, sure enough, the entire dealership was all open and lit up, with the car we were wanting to look at sitting right there waiting for us.

We took it for a test drive, looked around, and after an hour and a half or two hours after, even though long ago they should have been closed, they handed over the keys.

They were extremely personal, and even showed us a couple collect cars they had locked up in the back of the building! I believe one was called a T2 Mustang or something, the rarest behind the Shelby, and was built only for military personel in German. In fact, legally it isn't even a Mustang, as 'Mustang' was already taken in Germany. lol

Anyway, yes, they were OUTSTANDING, and they showed no problem with remaining open a couple hours later JUST FOR US.

Outstanding service! I'll be posted another review after a couple services a a few months down the road to say how it is.

Brotherton Cadillac; Renton, Washington