I don’t usually like to post any type of poor service, it’s usually time consuming and most ineffective, however this time I will make the exception.

Several weeks ago I made an appointment to view a Cadillac SRX at Massey Cadillac in Orlando, Florida the afternoon before I stated to both the internet sales person and floor sales Ash Ali that I was coming from out of town approximately 50 miles to view the auto and to tell me if there is anything I needed to know that was not outlined in the ad.

I was assured that everything was as outlined, great, after traveling close to one hour my wife and I arrived at the dealership, I mentioned to another salesperson that I have an appointment to see to Ali, he comes over and after introductions he proceeds to wander off aimlessly throughout the dealership, I looked over at my wife and stated “he does not have the car” after about ten minutes of watching “Stepin Fetchit” bob and weave from office to office I confronted him, he then told me it was sold last night!!

To say I was peeved would be an understatement after yelling I cleared out the remaining sales people from the showroom I was confronted by the sales manager Bill Keen after asking Ali to leave so I could talk to Keen I then proceeded to explain my unhappiness, you know the old saying “how can you tell when a salesmen lies, etc., etc.” Keen fits that genre perfectly, he promised to have a check cut and mailed out to compensate for my fuel expenditure and would do all he could to find the car we were looking for, I have yet to hear from him. I would like to mention one individual’s integrity and that is Mr. Jimmy Capps, he walked in on my rant and did all he could to calm me down and even followed up a week and one half later to see if I had found a vehicle.

Massey Cadillac used to be a wonderful family run organization, now it is just part of a large conglomerate, so sad. By the way my wife and I have purchase a 2014 Escalade from a dealer that presented itself with honesty and integrity. If you need to shop at Massey by all means see Mr. Capps and stay away from the others I mentioned.

Bill Senick