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Thread: Dealer Review

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    Angry Dealer Review

    I was in St. Pete and have a fuel pump go out on me. I took my Cadillac Escalade to Dew Cadillac in St. Pete and left it with them on a Sunday afternoon. When the dealer called me and informed me what the problem was I advised them to go ahead with the repairs. 2 days later I went to pick up my Cadillac. It was almost a 4 hour drive from where I currently live. It was late in the afternoon and on my way home I noticed first the AC wasnt working. Then noticed that the interior lights, alarm and door locks were not working. I called the dealership and informed them of the problem. Their response was we'll get back to you. This never happened! I then took my car to the local Dealership here in Daytona Beach. Advised them of the problem and what I had done the day before with repairs. They advised me first the the serpentine belt needed to be replaced. Once again, I advised to go ahead with those particular repairs, but my reason for bringing in my car was for the AC and other electrical problems. When the service tech called me the NEXT DAY and advised me of the problem, he gave me about a 10 second answer for the problem with the AC and the electrical and the cost of over $700 and then quickly proceeded to tell me all the other things wrong with my car. I found this funny because Dew Cadillac had suppose to have performed a "FREE 33 POINT INSPECTION" and found nothing wrong. I advised him to just fix the problem with the AC and the electrical problems and leave the rest of it alone and just give me something in writing showing what else needed to be repaired. After leaving my car with Lloyd Cadillac for another 2 days, I went to pick it up on a Friday afternoon. Once again, after paying the bill I find that the AC still wasnt working. I decided to take my car to PepBoys who have done work for me in the past at a fair price with quality work. It was discovered that the Fuel Relay Module is located beside the AC Module and they had aparantly knocked it loose. A simple problem that neither of the dealerships cared to chek into and repair, or admit that they may have caused the problem. Actually it is my opinion that Dew Cadillac had to have knocked this loose being that it is right beside the Fuel Relay Module. I called Lloyd Cadillac on Saturday AM and left a message with my phone number and ask for a return call. I never received the call, but certainly paid the bill. That is when I decided to use PepBoys again. Not only did they discover that it was just a module that was loose, but they also did all the repairs that Llyod Cadillac said needed to be done for a fraction of the cost. Why do the dealers focus on UPSELLING repairs in lieu of focusing on the problems that the vehicles were originally in the shop for. I understand that they say they are performing a "Service" by telling you what all needs to be serviced on the vehicle. But the least they could do is actually repair the original problem. I would also like to mention that neither cadillac returned my calls as they said they would do. Should I decide to purchase a new cadillac it certainly will not be at Dew Cadillac in St Pete or Llyod Cadillac in Daytona Beach, FL. All I ask was for return phone calls and honest answers regarding the repairs. Neither of which I received. They were too interested in selling me more repair work and getting me out the door.

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    Re: Dealer Review

    I received a letter stating that the employee that treated me so unfairly wasnt there anymore. Funny thing, they were not trying to make mends for the unsatisfactory work that they had done to my escalade, they were trying to sell me a NEW CAR! Talk about adding insult to injury! Has anyone else experienced this type service from either Dew Cadillac in St. Petersburg, FL or Lloyd Buick Cadillac in Daytona Beach, FL.
    Also, after all this time, no one from LLYOD BUICK CADILLAC has bothered calling me about my air conditioner problem after I left messages. The bill was paid-----WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM???!!!

    answer in a nutshell-------VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!


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