My mom bought her car from this dealer, and her experience was not terrible, so I thought they'd be acceptable. I called them up to inquire about a vehicle and explained I was coming in from out of town and could make it sometime between 7 to 7:30.

Sometime in the morning I got an email to confirm my appointment. Due to a crazy day at work, I never got a chance to respond to it. Around 3-4pm, they sent me a followup because they did not hear from me, at which point I did reply.

At 6:20, about a hour away from the dealer, they called me and were sure to remind me that they close at 8pm, which I thought was kind of rude considering I was driving over 105 miles with the intent to buy a car there.

I got there at 7:20, at which point they didn't have the car or keys ready. Their employees were standing out front, clearly waiting for 8pm to roll around so they could go home. After waiting 20 minutes for the salesperson to find the keys, the salesperson came back to say that the car sold, and then he tried to sell me a similar car with much higher mileage that I had no interest in, which I assume also sold because it was removed from their website as of this morning if not earlier.

In short, I should have been called when the vehicle sold. And they already had me on the phone to confirm an appointment as well.

Stay clear of this dealership. They simply did not have the decency to tell me that they sold the car I was interested in and they have had enough opportunities to do so. They figured they would rather get me there and try to sell me something else, but after making me drive 105 miles each way for no reason, I'll take my business elsewhere.