Having just acquired a 2002 Eldorado ESC, I was working-out some bugs, including key fobs and an open recall dating back to 2003. My efforts to find fobs and an auto locksmith to program them seemed economical, but was not able to set me up with working fobs. I proceeded to Huber as an unscheduled walk-in; they sold me a brand-new fob and proceeded to program it immediately. At the same time they re-flashed the PCM (which also eliminated the SES light for the secondary air injection failure -- auttozone pulled codes for me) and I left very happy. The service center was professional, clean and well-organized. Hats off to you, Huber, I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of your dealership to quickly solve numerous problems for me at an equitable price. I look forward to an on-going relationship for specialized Cadillac repairs.