Taylor's service department problems start at the top with their service manager, Pete Sabo. I bought a Cadillac Certified Catera there in December, 2003, and he has been as uncooperative and a downright a**shole most of the time since as possible. Just one example (of many) - my car needed control arms (front and rear) because of tire wear issues (I "wrote the book" on the subject years ago for the Yahoo! group CateraOwners).

Sabo not only refused to do any inspections or work for which he wasn't 100% sure he would be paid without calling GM TAC, he told me that despite over 2,000 members and 25,000 posts on Catera service over the prior seven years, I and my owners group knew nothing about servicing the cars.

I ended up having to go to three dealers in the surrounding area - Bowling Green (rear arms), Ann Arbor (front arms) and Plymouth (front suspension cradle) to get the work done. All the dealers got paid, and all were willing to talk to TAC. Don Massey (Plymouth) in particular spent all the time needed to get the front suspension cradle right for the first time (kudos to them). Sabo turned away nearly $6000 in work because he will not talk to TAC or try to assist.

I've since learned Sabo somehow manipulates Cadillac's call-back service survey system to get higher marks (they never call me after a Taylor visit) and was reportedly fired from another local dealership prior for physically threatening a mechanic.

Taylor has some good people in the service drive and in the shop, and the parts department will usually do their best to help figure things out. I spoke with the Taylor GM about my issues years ago, and his reply was to cite Sabo's high marks in GM service call-back surveys.

Taylor is useful for normal service work, but if you have something unusual, or believe you know something about what might be wrong with your car and how to fix it, especially if it involves a call to TAC, plan to go elsewhere.